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Why I Love Full Figured Women

I wrote this article for The Good Men Project a few years ago (I know…I’m a writing motherfu**a, LOL!). It was one of the first articles I wrote where I openly spoke about my preference for curvy women. Read the rest below:

The author has a thing for shapely, curvy women. He explains why

Because they’re fu$#ing hot.

To me. And that’s all that matters.

I know. I know the questions I’ll get with this article. “Are you a chubby chaser?” “Do you like bigger girls because you’re black?” “Why did you even have to write this story?”

The answers to those hypothetical, imagined (hopefully, for now) questions are: 1. No, I’m not a chubby chaser. Those guys have a fetish, I don’t.  2. If you’re talking about black being a culture, you may be on to something. 3. I wrote this piece because I thought there were/are women out there in the digi-sphere who need to know that there are (kinda) handsome, (kinda) bright men out here who really dig them.

As far as the previous black culture mention, through the years I’ve noticed that in black and Latino/Latina culture (mostly), women with curves are revered. I know that within my black, male friend circles, we had no problem expressing our love of curvy women. Maybe that does play a part in my preference.

But, I have no problem with that.

Why do I love curvy (or curvier) women? I can’t lie, I love a nice backside (Hey. Black, hetero, and male. Sue me) . And curves are awesome to me. This is a respectable website, so I won’t go into too much detail about the carnal aspect of my preference, but I will write the words “exploration” “of” “every one of those curves” “turn our phones off”. You’re smart, you can fill in the rest.

I’ll also say that once again, in my experience, “thick” (Urban male here. Check the old Bobby Brown music video “Rock Wit’cha” for reference) women have a sexy resiliency about them. They know that mainstream society doesn’t, for the most part, see them as necessarily “hot”. Mainstream media can be cruel to women who are heavier. But, when a curvier woman can fight that mess, and still remain hot on her terms, that’s unbelievably cool and rock ‘n roll level sexy in my book.

So, curvy, full figured, thick women of the world. Get ready to raise your glasses, so you can toast and celebrate. Because there are many men out here like me who adore you, and are waiting to buy you that drink.


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