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Three Ways How to Love A Plus Size Woman

These are the REAL three ways how to love a plus size woman!

Fellas! I’m going to expose the secret! For those of you out there who really, really lay awake at night wondering “Exactly how DO you love a plus size woman?!”, I’m going to tell you. I’m going to drop the bomb and blow your mind. I’m going to give you one of life’s biggest spoilers. The code’s been cracked, and I have the answer. Are you ready? Here it goes…

  1. You love her just like you’d love a thin woman. Yup. You don’t do anything differently. You give her the utmost respect. You love her with all of your heart. You treat her like a queen. You make sure you tell her that you love her. And, most of all, show her that you love her. Show her off to your friends. Show her off to the world. Let it be known you love your lady.
  2. You still love her just like you’d love a thin woman. Support her when she’s down. Be there to pick her up. Hold her in your arms. Tend to her when she’s sick. Be her rock when she needs you to be. Listen to her when she needs to vent. Proudly be her sounding board.
  3. You love her just like you’d love a thin woman…to a point. When it’s time for, ahem, amore, there’s going to be a little more of your lady to “love”, if ya’ know what I mean.

And that’s an awesome thing 🙂


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